I just merged the jackd-1.9.5 release into our repo. I also enabled the
jackdbus feature which is required for ladish.

If you like, please give it a whirl:


To me, it gives better results than jackd-0.118.x. Better here means:
pulseaudio runs fine on top of jackd2, way more stable than with jackd1.
It supports glitch-free graph updates (start with -S), this means, the
audio stream isn't interrupted when you add a new jack client or track
in ardour.

To my knowledge, there's only one drawback:


jackd2 might cause lots of error messages when there's a buffer underrun
in FFADO, that is, when the firewire ISO streaming interrupts. With
jackd1, you get exactly one underrun message, with jackd2, your terminal
might get flooded, which in turn could make the system unresponsive.

Since I'm also affected by this behaviour, I'll ping upstream to fix it.

What's missing? Manpages. jackd2 doesn't ship them, so I'll copy them
from jackd1. I'll also propose to include them in the official jackd2
release. I guess we shouldn't let jackd2 enter unstable without

Remaining question: Do you think jackd-1.9.5 should be included in
squeeze? It surely has a lot of benefits, and given the lifespan of a
release, having jackdbus in squeeze would easy backporting ladish. OTOH,
we currently don't have user feedback, IOW, it lacks testing.

Possible solution: upload jackd2 to unstable instead of experimental
(which means no way back to jackd1), file a RC bug against the package
to prevent it from entering testing, and once we see that users are fine
with it, let it slip into squeeze/testing before the freeze.


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