On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 12:54:37PM +0100, Adrian Knoth wrote:
I just merged the jackd-1.9.5 release into our repo. I also enabled the
jackdbus feature which is required for ladish.


If you like, please give it a whirl:


I'll try to find time to test it (I have both ALSA and FFADO setups).

What's missing? Manpages. jackd2 doesn't ship them, so I'll copy them from jackd1. I'll also propose to include them in the official jackd2 release. I guess we shouldn't let jackd2 enter unstable without manpages.

Perhaps instead of copying then use help2man and include the descriptive sections from old manpages. That way if options are changed or added then documentation will either be incomplete (lacking info) or inconsistent (stating one thing in option list and another in other sections), instead of being consistently misleading.

Remaining question: Do you think jackd-1.9.5 should be included in squeeze?


Possible solution: upload jackd2 to unstable instead of experimental (which means no way back to jackd1), file a RC bug against the package to prevent it from entering testing, and once we see that users are fine with it, let it slip into squeeze/testing before the freeze.

Sounds sane to me.

 - Jonas

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