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Am 20.02.2010 07:25, schrieb Andres Mejia:
NOTE: The old ITP (bug #311367) has long been closed and the
pkg-mythtv-maintainers team seem to be dead (they haven't responded to an email
I've sent some time ago [1]). This will be another attempt at getting MythTV
into Debian. I will be basing the packaging from the packages that are currently
distributed through Ubuntu.

thanks for your attempt to resurrect MythTV in Debian!

For a start, I've already implemented a way for mythtv to build and run with
system libraries for ffmpeg, version>= 4:0.6~~svn20100124-1, which will be the
next ffmpeg upstream version to be uploaded. Next would be to have mythtv work
with FFMpeg from the 0.5 branch in SVN (like the current packages in sid). This
would than follow with having mythtv use libmp3lame via dlopen. There's also
an interest upstream to use vorbis as a replacement/alternative to mp3.

That's great news. However, I believe it would be easier to replace libmp3lame with libtwolame (a library that implements encoding to MPEG 1 Layer *2*, free of patent threats and already included in Debian), because its API has been designed to be as close to LAME's as possible.


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