Package: horgand
Version: 1.14-1
Severity: serious
Justification: fails to build from source

binary-only builds of horgand (most critically, on the build daemons)
are running into trouble:

    mv debian/horgand/usr/share/horgand debian/horgand-data/usr/share/
    mv: cannot move `debian/horgand/usr/share/horgand' to 
`debian/horgand-data/usr/share/': No such file or directory
    make[1]: *** [override_dh_install] Error 1

I haven't looked at the packaging, but I suspect the problem stems
from expecting dh_installdirs to create debian/horgand-data/usr/share,
which it does only for full builds; if so, explicitly running

    mkdir -p debian/horgand-data/usr/share

before trying to move anything there should help.  Better yet, simply
list usr/share/horgand and the like in horgand-data.install rather
than horgand.install in the first place!

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