On Mon, Mar 01, 2010 at 09:33:13PM +0100, David Steiner wrote:

> It would be nice to have a Debug build of libffado. I'm trying to send


> a bug report to the developers, but they recommend sending the full
> debug logs (output of the -v6 flag). Compiling on my own would seems

Let me first point out that the current ffado package does not run on
the new Juju firewire stack, it requires the old ieee1394 stack.

IOW, if you're running stock Debian kernels, ffado won't work. I'll
upload a fixed package within the next few hours.

> to be too much hassle. Maybe there can be a libffado2-dbg package,
> which includes the debug symbols? 

It's actually not about debug symbols which can be loaded by gdb. It's
about additional debug output at runtime, so we'll have a completely new
libffado.so.2 in the -dbg package.

(Rationale: firewire ISO streaming is timing critical. You cannot step
through it in a debugger, your only chance is to dump the required
information at runtime and check the output afterwards. That's what
they're asking for: such a runtime log)

If you want to build a debug version, it's actually not that hard:

   $ apt-get build-dep libffado
   $ apt-get source libffado

Then add a line

        DEBUG=1 \

to line 77 in debian/rules and run debuild from the libffado-2.0


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