Hi Jonas! (including the list in case others might also be interested)

I have three things I want to add to the ffado package, one is the Juju
patch, second is the binutils-gold fix and the other is the -dbg package.

I thought before I start working on it, I'll ask you if you have a
clever idea how to achieve this.

First, I need to integrate the two patches:


which fixes #555176 and


for #565342.

Nothing special so far.

For the -dbg package, I need to rerun scons with DEBUG=1 and put that
library into a new package. I hope that "Replaces: libffado2" would do
the trick.

Is there already some CDBS magic for this use case?

And last but not least: such a new libffado2-dbg package would need a DD
to upload, my DM status doesn't allow that. So if you like, go ahead ;)


PS: There's also ffado trunk. It has all the required patches and it
supports more devices, foremost all DICE based audio interfaces. The
code is really stable, the only broken stuff is half-working code for
the RME Firewire, which is off by default.

So instead of applying patches in the Debian package, we could simply go
for libffado2-2.0.0+svn1804-1. This would increase the user base and
saves us some work.

(I'm not a fan of local patches. If it affects everyone, it should be
patches upstream. Consequence of this paradigma is that you end up
packaging svn/git versions, but pro-audio is bleeding edge anyway ;) )

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