On Sunday 24 January 2010 12:48:51 Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> On So, Jan 24, 2010 at 13:55:41 (CET), Eric Lavarde wrote:
> > Package: mediatomb
> > Followup-For: Bug #534504
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > to solve the problem described by other persons, I've created two small
> > scripts that start and stop mediatomb when the interfaces are being
> > brought up and down.
> I understand from the context of the bug that the issue seems to be that
> mediatomb must not be started before the network interface is up and
> running. Why can't this be fixed be changing the initscript ordering?
> > There is also a diff file for /etc/default/mediatomb that adds a
> > variable DELAYED (yes/no) to disable/enable those small scripts.
> The race condition is present on *all* systems, so no need to make this
> fix configurable.
> > Few remarks:
> >
> > 1. the current default is DELAYED=yes, which enables the script. It
> > doesn't really hurt as mediatomb is restarted, and should work in all
> > situations (with and withou NetworkManager).
> What about the case that a system has 2 interfaces and mediatomb is
> serving to both interfaces at the same time: Restarting one interface is
> likely to disconnect users connected via that interface, but would this
> affect users via the second interface as well?
> > 2. I'm not sure I correctly understood the meaning of the "INTERFACE"
> > variable (mine is empty), so my check might be incorrect as I only
> > restart/stop if the interface given by INTERFACE is being
> > stopped/started ($IFACE = $INTERFACE). Someone with more knowledge of
> > mediatomb's internas might want to check if this is the right
> > decision.
> I guess this is a saftey guard to avoid unnecessary restarts if
> mediatomb is configured to serve only on one specific interface and
> other interfaces are restarted. Which seems to suggest an answer to my
> previous question.
> > 3. if INTERFACE=lo, then the scripts do something if and only if the 'lo'
> > interface is brought up or down, again, it might not be the right logic.
> what do they do exactly?
> > 4. the attached tar file contains the files and diff with correct
> > relative position (don't unpack in root direcotry unless it's what you
> > want to do!).
> I see that your if-updown scripts call the init script. That means that
> depending on the context the init script is called, it behaves
> differently. I find this a bit odd.
> How about dumping the init script altogether and implement starting and
> stopping mediatomb solely from if-updown scripts? This way there was no
> need for the DELAYED=yes flag and the race condition would be avoided as
> well.

Simplest thing to do I think would be to have the if-updown scripts just run 
the mediatomb init script. 


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