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On Fr, Mar 04, 2005 at 18:10:43 (CET), Stephen Touset wrote:

> I'm using two screens with Xinerama. Going fullscreen with video
> players such as Totem only takes up the screen size from one monitor
> (the one the window was currently in, as expected).

This heavily depends on the video player, although most popular media
player offer such functionlity

> However, ffmpeg doesn't handle this gracefully.

Right. most media player that you mention use the libavcodec and
libavformat library. Neither of the two handle fullscreen or other
screen output. Did you mean 'ffplay'?

> It takes up the entire virtual screen and flickers badly.

I did only test this on randr enabled devices and cannot reproduce this
behavior. Can you please clarify?

> I'm not sure how others handle this situation, but I would expect it's
> not too difficult.

Please elaborate.

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