severity 574280 wishlist
retitle 574280 morituri: --help option hint could be less confusing

Hi Peter,

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 11:05:23AM +0100, Peter Wiersig wrote:
sample session:
> ~$ rip drive
> Usage: rip drive [command]
> Use --help to get a list of commands.
> ~$ rip drive --help
> Usage:
>   rip [OPTION...] - GStreamer initialization
> Help Options:
>   -h, --help                        Show help options
>   --help-all                        Show all help options
>   --help-gst                        Show GStreamer Options

"rip --help" also doesn't provide any commands or usage information.

Try "rip drive --help".

What morituri calls "commands" are what I personally would call subcommands.

Thanks for reporting this anyway - I dare lower the severity and retitle as I see is more relevant. Please do tell me if you disagree.

And feel free to post more bugs and suggestions (i.e. "wishlist" bugs). Morituri is quite young and I imagine upstream could use some encouragement from enthusiastic users :-)

 - Jonas

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