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> How is the state of affairs wrt jack? If we want jack2 for squeeze, we
> should communicate this ASAP!

Let's put it this way: we know that jackd1 is stable, so it qualifies
for a release.

If we vote against jackd2, we're missing SMP enabled audio processing
and jackdbus. Nothing really important, but users might want to use it
in a few months, e.g. for ladish.

If we go for jackd2, I still have to push some FFADO changes to jackd2's
firewire backend and fix the manpage issue. Simple stuff, one hour of

I don't have strong feelings for either version.

>From the amount of testing, I'd vote for jackd1, from a feature
perspective, I'd go for jackd2.

So whoever is concerned, please share your opinion. ;)


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