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sorry for the delay.

No problem at all :-)

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Above does not comply with newest drafts of DEP5: the file string needs to be usable with find.  Prepend "./" and it is good.


Seems you missed the debian/* one ;-)

Those reading this and *not* abandoning CDBS (as was done here) might be interested in doing a "touch debian/copyright_hints" to enable automated DEP5-based copyright check at build time.  That hint file is useful also as basis for transitions of the copyright file to new DEP5 format.

Although I'm ok with CDBS, usually I prefer using debhelper 7 only.
But it's interesting, I'll take a closer look.

It might work using both:

 * Include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/utils.mk
 * If your rules file contains "clean:" then change to "clean::"
 * Touch debian/copyright_hints
 * (Re)generate copyright hints (no need to do a full build):
   DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 debian/rules pre-build
 * Rename generated file as instructed

CDBS was not designed as a competitor to debhelper, but a framework for various patterns - debhelper only beeing one of them: most other CDBS snippets works independently from the debhelper.mk one.

So you should be able to slowly migrate from a debhelper-only packaging style to CDBS, you need not (in theory at least) do a complete shift in one go.

That said, I have never personally used short-form debhelper 7, so do not know what kind of surprises it can create. With "classic" debhelper I only know of this clean: → clean:: quirk. Please do tell if you experiences any other oddities (preferrably via bugreports to either cdbs or debhelper - it is getting off-topic for this list).

Kind regards,

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