On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 09:53:19PM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> Using the separately packaged waf version 1.5.10 fails to locate expat  
> and libsamplerate (and possibly other system libraries).

Though I don't know waf, I just figured it out, and like always, it's
completely non-obvious:

-    conf.env.append_unique('CXXFLAGS', '-O3 -Wall')
-    conf.env.append_unique('CCFLAGS', '-O3 -Wall')
+    conf.env.append_unique('CXXFLAGS', "-O3")
+    conf.env.append_unique('CCFLAGS', "-O3")

This makes it work, at least until the next error. I'll dig further.

> In short: I would very much like to volunteer to repackage the current  
> vcs-tarball as pristine-tarball + vcs-patch.  Is that acceptable?

Different approach: make us the jackd2 repository. ;) So we simply use
git, wildly patch whatever we want, no need to wait for upstream to
apply my patches and pull from their svn repo from time to time. ;)

This way, we can ship the extracted (and checked) waf code, strip *.dll
from the package and all the other tweaks that will be required.

Might sound completely crazy, probably because it isi, but it surely has
its advantages... ;)


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