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Sorry for answering privately.

On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 22:20, Felipe Sateler <fsate...@gmail.com> wrote:
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I can't seem to update the repo. Is anyone else having this problem?

a...@chopin:/tmp/ffado$ git pull origin
From git://git.debian.org/pkg-multimedia/ffado
 ! [new tag]         debian/2.0~rc1+svn1539-1 ->
debian/2.0~rc1+svn1539-1  (unable to update local ref)
 ! [new tag]         debian/2.0~rc2+svn1569-1 ->
debian/2.0~rc2+svn1569-1  (unable to update local ref)
 ! [new tag]         debian/2.0~rc2+svn1569-2 ->
debian/2.0~rc2+svn1569-2  (unable to update local ref)

Apparently git doesn't like tags with ~ in them.

Correct - and git-buildpackage avoids them - so someone must've applied them by other means...

Is it possible to delete those tags?

Yes. I have done that now: Logged into git.debian.org, moved to git/pkg-multimedia/ffado.git and issued the "git tag -d ..." command there.

...and checked that the git is now clone'able.

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