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>>Is it really too much that simple things like 'build && clean' leave a
>>'clean' working directory?!
> I believe that I could make a CDBS snippet that cleans up patches and
> .pc dir at clean time when in a git.
> Applying the patches at build time should not be necessary, as dpkg
> handles that itself.
> Such snippet - like most of CDBS - would *not* depend on CDBS managing
> debhelper too, so should be usable also together with short-form
> debhelper v7.
> I believe that would help the point of usability, as then only once
> initially something odd would need doing. Would that be interesting?

This sounds like a great idea to me. In essence, this restores the old
invariant that running 'debclean' restores a working directory that is
ready to be worked on with VCS commands.

Moreover, this approach "if (and only if) in a vcs, unapply and remove
.pc", could (and probably should) be implemented in other clean rules
(read: non-cdbs managed packages) as well.

With this invariant, I can imagine to work on "Format 3.0 (quilt)"

>> Side note, I see that there are some really interesting cdbs make
>> snippets, e.g., the upstream.mk rules etc. I understand that they are
>> still pretty much in flux. Could you imagine to propose a stabilized
>> version (or a subset of them) for dpkg-dev?
> It seems to me that dpkg-dev is Perl-based.  CDBS is make-based, so as I
> see it dpkg-dev could adopt ideas only, not actual implementation.

Hm, scripts/licensecheck2dep5 is perl. As it is implemented as a wrapper
around licensecheck, perhaps it should be submitted for the devscripts
package? Or even integrated into the licensecheck script itself?

AFAIUI, it is not intended to be used directly; instead,
copyright-check.mk uses it.  TBH, I don't understand why you didn't
implement all of the debian/stamp-copyright-check in
scripts/licensecheck2dep5.  Since this target does not really contribute
to the actual building of packages, I don't see why you implemented it
in cdbs in the first place.  To me, I feel this rather belongs into the
devscripts package and shouldn't be run via debian/rules but directly
via some dedicated helper tool by the packager.

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