On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 23:00:18 (CEST), Adrian Knoth wrote:

> Different approach: make us the jackd2 repository. ;) So we simply use
> git, wildly patch whatever we want, no need to wait for upstream to
> apply my patches and pull from their svn repo from time to time. ;)
> This way, we can ship the extracted (and checked) waf code, strip *.dll
> from the package and all the other tweaks that will be required.
> Might sound completely crazy, probably because it isi, but it surely has
> its advantages... ;)

TBH, this sounds not that unreasonable. However, you should be aware
this means essentially, that we are forking upstream. Moreover, this
also implies a totally different workflow compared to our other
pkg-multimedia packages.

For consistency reasons, I'd prefer to not go that way with a team
package. But I don't really work much on jack myself, so don't put too
much weight in this opinion.

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