Am 06.04.2010 07:45, schrieb Michael Gilbert:
not likely.  is it because mplayer uses an old/incompatible ffmpeg?
could you convince them to keep in sync?

It's the other way round. In Debian we follow the stable ffmpeg release series (i.e. 0.5x) while mplayer follows the current ffmpeg development trunk.

i had no idea.  what do they disapprove about the package?  i suppose i
could send a message indicating that some action really needs to be
taken since this issue does have security relevance.

We never got explicit public feedback from the ftp team, thus I can only *guess* it has to do with our enabling of the mencoder package. Mencoder is considered "dangerous", because it is... well... able to encode into different probably patented video formats using libavcodec from ffmpeg. However, the Debian mencoder package is linked against the Debian ffmpeg libraries, which have exactly these codecs disabled. So mencoder is just as "dangerous" as xine, vlc or ffmpeg itself which are already in Debian. Maybe you could try to hint this to the ftp team, it seems they don't listen if we tell them ourselves...

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