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AK> What I've seen in the team so far: make it work. Besides this, AK> there are no to few rules.

 AK> We don't have a "please beginners" policy.

Totally. The only strong points we have as team are listed here


and they are pretty packaging-tool-agnostic (re CDBS/DH7/whatever). We have a lot of packages to care of and limited resources (it's almost all volunteer work), so I think it makes sense to let whoever gets the job done decide about how to do it, as long as it is compliant with the Debian Policy and the few guidelines above.

Btw, thanks a lot Jonas and Adrian for pushing jack2->unstable forward.

Thanks for the confirmation and encouragement, Free. I certainly appreciate there being room for my CDBS packaging style here at the Multimedia team.

I appreciate Reinhard being concerned about newcomers, too. I have had a bad experience with setting the bar too high: I initiated the Debian packaging of Sugar packages and encouraged others to join me but insisted on doing it my own way. Today - after several interested attempts to help out - I am still the only maintainer of those packages, and I partly blame the complexity of my packaging style for that.

So I seriously mean it when I wrote earlier that I appreciate you challenging me, Reinhard. I could use some more challenges on the usability front.

Please continue to raise questions about my packaging. Both to maybe learn something (you *and* me). But also to challenge the relevance of complexity. Most probably I will be _very_ stubborn, but even if it seems you are getting nowhere with me it might be that your raising concerns in the long run help me shape up both my own personal packaging style and the features of CDBS. Just wishing here :-)


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