On Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 06:27:56 (CEST), Per W. wrote:

> - The pymedia project includes much of the ffmpeg code, while it should
> better dynamically link to the existing ffmpeg libs (like
> libavformat.so.52 and libavcodec.so.52)
> - The included ffmpeg code is badly outdated and not cleanly separated
> - The code-base seems to be unmaintained.
> - It depends on the i386 architecture
> - We already have python-gst0.10 and pygame for python multimedia support
> So it might be a bad idea to Maintain a Debian package for pymedia.
> Anyway I created a initial package for you to experiment with.
> In the current state the package compiles and installs without problems
> on amd64 but the import fails.

I've skimmed a bit over upstream source, and it seems that not only
avcodec, but also parts of liba52 and faad are included. On the first
sight, all of these copy look rather ancient to me, but I may be wrong.

in any case, I don't think the approach pymedia has taken is a good
candidate for debian. While the project itself seems interesting, I'd
strongly recommend a serious reengineering that includes using system
libraries before working any further on packaging.

I didn't even look at your packaging, because you have decided to only
commit the debian/ directory in you svn without the upstream
source. Therefore, I went to the upstream webpage and downloaded the
source tarball.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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