On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 12:37:45PM +0200, Adrian Knoth wrote:
jackd2 shouldn't be considered the successor of jackd1, but an alternative implementation.


Please post a URL to some (more official) summary of the dispute if available somewhere.

So what do we have?

jackd1 --> stable, containing jack_session (that's something new)
tschack --> jackd1 derivative with SMP support, jack_session
jackd2 --> C++ reimplementation, SMP, no jack_session yet, but on the
          horizon, card reservation via DBUS (pulseaudio integration)
jackd3 --> upcoming C++ reimplementation of jackd1

If we can only have one jack version in Debian, we probably really use jackd2 now, mostly because of card reservation. However, this would more or less be a version lock-in.

Perhaps we should free ourselves and come up with a solution that allows for different jackd implementations in Debian. Other distros can do this, too. ;)

We can't make libjack0 virtual, right? Can we put everything into a single package, let's say jackd1 and jackd2, both containing the stuff which is now present in libjack0, libjack-dev and the jackd package itself? And then let them all Provide: jack-audio-connection-kit or something like this.

We might even use alternatives. Could this work?

If this is too much trouble, we should stick to our jackd2 plans and wait for jackd3 to come.

How about this:

 1. Rename jack as jackd1, including empty transitional packages.
 2. Try package jackd2 with libraries renamed to not clash.
 3. Update jackd1 to similarly use renamed libraries.

That way no other packages are affected until step 3, where they need to decide which of the libraries to link against. If both implementations really do stay both ABI and API compatible that should not matter, and we can perhaps provide symlinks from one of the libraries to the old unbranched location as a convenience.

I imagine that we won't do step 3 before freeze of Squeeze, but might reach the other two quickly.

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