i just want to make sure you leave the option open
to package alternative jack versions.

adi said that you somehow seem to believe that
there cant be virtual packages containing libraries.

this is not true.

if you create debian/libjack0.shlibs
and put
libjack 0 WHATEVER

in it, this will get installed into

and it will result in dh_shlibs generating
WHATEVER as a dependency when it encouters something linked against 

so its pretty easy to make libjack0 a virtual package.
we already have 3 implementations of jack
which are all ABI compatible.
and we really want users to be able to use them.

its fine if the default is jack2. but please leave the door open for
people who have problems with jack2 and are better off with tschack.

we (upstream) will make sure they are binary compatible.
all symbols added since jack-0.116 are mandated to be weak.
if there are any issues with binary compatibility these are bugs.

torben Hohn

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