Od: Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk>

Hi Jonas,

I'll have a look on this as soon as I have updated morituri.

thank you that's great

Please update the git at git.debian.org:/git/pkg-multimedia/lash instead.

I should go more to details with this md5 problem here.
It happens by creating orig.tar.gz by uncompressing upstream tar.gz and 
compressing with different ratio.
So orig.tar.gz is identical with tar.gz from upstream, but having different md5.
I uploaded such bad orig.tar.gz to pkg-multimedia git repo.  (pristine-tar is 
also affected)

It was discussed here if there is a possibility to fix it in git ... seems to 
be difficult or impossible.
Fixing it by uploading new upsteam version would be trouble-free.

files on debian-mentors are same what you will get from pkg-multimedia git, 
just orig.tar.gz is corrected to have same md5 as upstream tar.gz


best regards


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