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stop right here.
the library and the daemon are tied together.
the protocol between jackd and libjack is NOT fixed.

(basically i consider it a mistake to even have libjack and jackd in
different packages) but it might make sense to have that.

The separation of library and daemon is so that an application can link against the library without forcing the daemon to be installed: the JACK support might be optional for that application (without it being a plugin that can be packaged separately from the main application.

When you register with libjack, it will start the daemon if it is not already running. So, you can't have the library without the daemon.[*]

That sounds like trouble: if such application is invoked inside a chroot, it causes a mess!

Debian mandates ability to enforce daemons to not be started (it is called policy.d - see e.g. the Debian package policyrcd-script-zg2 for more info (and probably somewhere in Debian Policy itself - too lazy to look it up right now).

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