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When you register with libjack, it will start the daemon if it is not already running. So, you can't have the library without the daemon.[*]

That sounds like trouble: if such application is invoked inside a chroot, it causes a mess!

Debian mandates ability to enforce daemons to not be started (it is called policy.d - see e.g. the Debian package policyrcd-script-zg2 for more info (and probably somewhere in Debian Policy itself - too lazy to look it up right now).

jackd is not Not NOT a system daemon and should never be started by an rc.d script.

jackd is a user daemon that should started and stopped by a normal user.

I know it is not a system daemon. If policy.d only is tied only to sysV scripts then I apologize for causing confusion: I do *not* mean to say that jack should be handled as a sysV system daemon.

My point is that even as a user-invoked daemon I still believe that it should be possible to suppress it due to being a daemon.

I believe (but have now investigated) that user dbus (in addition to system dbus) is can be suppressed too, for the same reason.

It has been some time since I looked at this last: When using diskless systems like LTSP this issue becomes relevant.

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