Package: vlc
Severity: wishlist

Upstream Changes list:
Changes between 1.0.5 and 1.0.6:

 * Fix crash on FTP URI with no file path

 * Fix overflows in A/52, DTS, MPEG Audio and subtitles support

 * Update LUA script for Youtube pages
 * Fix crashes in AVI, ASF and Matroska files
 * Fix crashes on malformatted ZIP archives
 * Fix crashes and leaks in the FFmpeg/avformat plugin
 * Fix crash on invalid XSPF playlist

X11 port:
 * Partial Xlib threading fixes
   More complete fixes are available in VLC 1.1.0. Please update!

 * Fix crash (use after free) in Qt4 bookmarks
 * Fix a few crashes in Qt4 playlist

 * Simplified Chinese, Estonian, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish
   and Walloon translations updated
 * Sinhala translation started

Removed modules:
 * RTMP input and output are removed due to security problems. Please update
   to VLC 1.1.0 which provides an FFmpeg-based RTMP input if needed.

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