decoding ogg on my mips based nas device is slower than real-time, so
it's not really usable here.
I've already done some research on this and I think the reason is that
the mips cpu has no fpu, so floating point calculations are really
slow. Unfortunately libogg is based on floating point calculations.
But there's also an integer based version of libogg: tremor (or is it
called libivorbis?). It's also available in ffmpeg (there's a
configure parameter "--enable-tremor" or something like that)

And here's my question to you: is it possible to use tremor-enabled
packages on mips instead of the normal ones? Can you provide something
like a ffmpeg (libavcodec) package on mips that depends on libivorbis
instead of libvorbis?

I know I can compile everything myself, but I'd like to see a
beautiful solution with debian packages. :-)


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