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[3] Going backwards has never been promised, though.  A
   program compiled against 0.118.0 will work with 0.34.0.
   However, the use of weak symbols for new features may
   make this available.

Isn't it exactly "going backwards" if jackd2 becomes the default and jackd1 only an optional alternative? Then applications are compiled against jackd2 and potentially using jackd1 at runtime. Is that assured to work too, or only hopefully working if weak symbols work out as planned?

Jack2/Jack1 are API-synchronized. Here are the sync points that have been published:

    JACK1    JACK2     REF
    -------  -----  --------
    0.118.0  1.9.4  [1]
    0.116.2  1.9.1  [2], [3]

It is reasonable to expect that a program compiled against Jack2 1.9.1 will work fine with 0.116.2.

Note also that the API changes since 0.109.0 (the first stable JACK MIDI release) have been minor. (Adding weak symbols, internal changes, documentations, internal header reorg.)


[1] http://jackaudio.org/node/28
[2] http://jackaudio.org/node/23
[3] http://jackaudio.org/node/22

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