On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 01:48:01PM +0200, Reinhard Tartler wrote:

> >  * conservative: Stay with jackd1, ignoring jackd2 and tchack.
> >  * stubborn: Switch to jackd2, abandoning jackd1 and ignoring tchack.
> >  * bold: switch to supporting multiple implementations.
> >
> > You seem to want the stubborn path, because a cross-distro wave have set
> > off.
> I think adi should decide on this. And AFAIUI, adi has already decided
> to go with jackd2. 

Sorry for kicking in late, I'm horribly busy at the moment. Will
hopefully change after 2010-04-28 (project deadline).

> His arguments were pretty convincing that jackd2 was the best
> implementation for squeeze.

Ok guys, after an endless thread of major and minor technical issues, I
"suggest" the following. If you want, consider this "suggestion" a
"rule", though I would personally never ever insist on deciding here.
Anyway, I've been the most active jackd maintainer recently, so somebody
needs to step forward. ;)

We instantly switch to jackd2. End of the story.

Ok, it's not actually the end of the story, but we first make progress
and upload jackd2 to unstable. This way, our worst case scenario is
jackd2-only in squeeze. And that's better than jackd1-only.

Why? Because torbenh said so. ;) We know that jackd2 is working, and it
currently provides the one important feature required for desktop users:
pulseaudio integration, so PA and jackd can coexists without major
tweaks like ripping off PA, shutting down applications blocking the
audio device and the lot.

Torben said: "If you can only have one implementation, then jackd2 is
probably the best."

Ok, so somebody will upload jackd2 within one week. This is where the
story continues...

We *then* try to support multiple jackd packages. I'm pretty sure this
will work, we've already outlined all the details, Garbiel and Torben
even hacked a prototype within 15 minutes.

If we'll be fast enough to get this into squeeze... well, I think it's
mainly copy and paste, the actual work is probably no more than one hour
for somebody who knows what he's doing (Reinhard, Jonas).

>  - decide on a default implementation


>  - allow users to switch and use a non-default implementation



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