On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 23:05:29 (CEST), Harry Rickards wrote:

> There is a lintian warning with lives - missing-debian-source-format.
> This is fixed by adding a debian/source/format. Should I put '1.0' in
> the file or put '3.0 (quilt)' and switch to 3.0. Does this just
> involve removing the '--with-quilt' from debian/rules, removing the
> build depend on quilt and removing README.source?

this has been recently discussed on this list, mainly between jonas and
me. Jonas was a strong proponent of format 3.0, while I think
git-buildpackage is not ready (enough) for it.

As a compromise, Jonas proposed to unpatch in the 'clean' rules such that
a 'debclean' returns the working copy to a state that is ready to be
examined with 'git status'/'git commit' commands.

While I can live with this compromise, I'm not very fond of having
different sets of packages with different packaging policies under our
team umbrella. We currently have some packages in dh6-style, some in
dh7, some in cdbs, and this format discussion is adding yet another
dimension of variability. So if we agree on moving to format 3.0, I
think we should properly document this and convert all packages

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