Our JACK packaging has now contains jackd2 (no longer jackd1).

Upstream has promised a frozen library API[1] equal to that of jackd1 0.116.2, and both shlibs file and symbols[2] file reflect that.

The library packages no longer provide packwards compatibility with libjack0.100.0-dev. The following packages dependend on that and are now broken is unstable:


Quite possibly some additional packages build-depend on it too - I haven't looked that up.

I noticed that libarts1-dev already have a bugreport (#527404) for this issue, with usertag drop-versioned-libjack and user pkg-multimedia-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org - so I guess other packages are similarly tracked. Severity of these bugs need to be raised from its current "minor" to RC level.

Kan someone fluent in usertags (Felipe?) please take care of this?

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

[1] Hopefully the library ABI is frozen too - this is assumed in our current packaging but not really promised anywhere.

[2] Symbols file needs cleanup to match official public API: whatever symbols existed in recent snapshots of both jackd1 and jackd2 is currently marked as part of the stable ABI, symbols only in recent jackd1 is marked as optional, and newly appearing symbols are automatically marked as "add-ons" (i.e. requires tight dependency).

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