Am 26.04.2010 14:43, schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
What "you" - singular or plural?
Did you somehow read it as speaking for all those interested in

It was a personal singular "you", although I actually never meant to become personal at all, sorry. I think my second sentence somehow clarified what I wanted to say: There is noone as vocal about packaging style in general as you are about the use of CDBS.

That is my impression too. That's the "agitation" that I wrote
about myself just above.

I find it wrong, however, for this discussion to be about me vs.
the rest of the world, as the issue really shouldn't be about
agitation or not, but about choice of packaging style or not.

Sorry, I never meant to agitate at all! You are right, this discussion should not be on a personal basis.

Let me repeat the part that I find relevant to focus on: I seem to
 recall others happy to use CDBS as well.

Yes, of course. CDBS is widely used and accepted. It is just that we wanted to agree upon a packaging style that we as a team can recommend to new contributors. Most team members seemed to prefer dh7 and then it was *you* who pronounced to leave the team whenever dh7 became mandatory. From then on it somehow felt like "you against the world". So I don't think it was our (i.e. Reinhard's and mine) fault this topic focussed on your person in the first place.

Am I imagining? Am I wrong in trying to steer the topic away from
being personal?

No, please let's stop it and focus on objective matters. ;)

 - Fabian

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