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We could either recommend dh7 or document the packaging patterns described below by Jonas.

What I would find the most helpful was to document main patterns of our actual packaging work: This would serve both as technical introductions for beginners and as social hinting for more experienced developers (we do want to attract both, right?).


   * we do code review, so please commit in sensible chunks
   * most of us use short-form dh7, some use CDBS
   * we use git-buildpackage with separate DEP3-hinted patches

With the above, I bet new contributors would choose short-form dh7 unless already decided on CDBS, simply because we clearly describe how likely it is to get help using either style. Similarly a newcomer would probably think twice before insisting on using e.g. Darcs since that would be alien to the team (no matter if some in the team use Darcs in some other contexts).

That's the least enforcing method. This list comes to my mind:

     * we do code review, so please commit in sensible chunks
     * most of us use short-form dh7, some use CDBS
     * we use git as version control system
     * we use separate DEP3-hinted patches

Yes, better to separate those last, separate issues (I do tend to write very compact - thanks for loosening up!).

How to describe the 3.0 source migration?

It is my impression that we have not yet fully decided on that. So perhaps simply state our current uncertainty:

* Some packages use source format 3.0 (quilt) despite quirks with git, some explicitly use format 1.0, but most do not yet use either

...which triggers another idea: Let's talk about patterns of _packages_ rather than us developers, as we do (ideally) work on them as a team, right? ;-)

Do we recommend DEP-5?

Personally I find it really great. Anyone not liking it, please speak up - not so as to discuss it now (I suggest), but rather so as to correctly document that we represent multiple opinions on this issue.

Do we wrap lists in debian/control (for example, Build-Depends)?

It is new to me - I had seen it before but you guys made me reflect on it and have now made CDBS do it by default. In other words: I love it!

I do not like long indentations, though. I propose that we recommend wrapping with comma+newline+one-single-space.

 - Jonas

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