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I want to, just haven't figured out yet a way to use the shipped waf in a way that I can trust: I really do not want to blindly execute an upstream-shipped binary chunk. yes, I am aware that it is not really a binary blob but a self-extracting tarball of some kind, just haven't figured out a way to script unpacking it and verifying if its content is sane.

Upstream does not even provide a way to unpack bundle bzip2 archive, that's another weak point of it. It creates a .waf-version-something directory in your root folder (e.g, jack-audio-connection-kit has .waf-1.5.0-8e39a4c1c16303c1e8f010bf330305f6, as you can also see in http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-multimedia/jack-audio-connection-kit.git;a=tree) There you will wind wafadmin directory (which has .py files waf relies on to run) and t.bz2 (which ships some environment black magic).

Would you perhaps happen to know of an elegant approach? Or maybe you have a list of prior users of your waf package so that I can go examine those myself (and hope that what I find is not horrible relaxed execution everywhere)?

No, it's waf design fault. Elegant approach is providing a system-wide installation package, but upstream doesn't like it and blames us instead for his bugs. That's crazy! :)

You could try this approach if you feel so (I could provide a patch):
* run ./waf --version (to create .waf-version-something dir)
* move .waf-version-something/wafadmin to $(CURDIR)
* remove .waf-version-something
* do some sed to remove bundle bzip2 archive from waf, and store the
 remaining bits to waf-light script
* patch waf-light to understand wafadmin directory in $(CURDIR)

Please let me know,

A patch would be awesome!

I notice several multimedia projects jumping on the waf craze, so fear that we cannot simply close our eyes to this issue, and I refuse to trust invoking black magic voodoo as part of standard build routines.

When figuring out a full set of routines to unpack, verify and use waf indirectly, I strongly consider adding a CDBS module to handle it - well aware that I might trigger the wrath of upstream waf developers in doing so... :-/

  - Jonas

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