Hi Reinhard and the rest of the debian multimedia folks--

On 05/01/2010 02:41 PM, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 20:21:49 (CEST), Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
>> Hi IOhannes, Paul, and interested folk on the debian multimedia
>> packaging team,
> Hey there!
>> Are you interested in seeing lively discussion at debconf about
>> multimedia and arts and debian?  Some of you have already submitted
>> events or talks, and we wanted to know if any of you would be interested
>> in coordinating a track for debconf 10 this summer about the work going
>> on in this area.
>> Tracks are a new idea for debconf as of DC10.  A track would
>> thematically group a consecutive set of debconf events (talks, panels,
>> etc) to encourage a better understanding of a broader theme.  For this
>> to work, we'd like a knowledgable person about a given theme to act as
>> a track coordinator.
>> A coordinator would have a chance to set the tone and scope for the
>> track, schedule events, assemble panels or debates, introduce
>> speakers, and report back at the end of debconf to the larger
>> gathering.  We also hope that a coordinator could identify potential
>> good work being done in their area, encourage people to submit
>> relevant events for debconf, and shepherd talks in their track through
>> the submission process.
>> So, are you interested in coordinating a track on media and art and
>> debian for DC10?  Or do you have a suggestion for someone else who might
>> do a good job on it?  You can reach me and other members of the talks
>> team privately at ta...@debconf.org, or feel free to contact the whole
>> debconf team (publicly) at debconf-t...@lists.debconf.org.
> I'm very interested in having such an multimedia track. However, I'm not
> sure if I have the required experience to drive such an track. Moreover,
> I'm already hard at my time limit I can devote to debian tasks, and I'm
> not sure how much time this task requires, I'd very much prefer to
> assist rather than to drive such an track all alone.  In any case,
> please keep me in the loop about this efford!

Thanks for your feedback! (cc'ing debconf-team here, which is the public
place for talks discussion, since this message already went out to
another public list, pkg-multimedia-maintainers)

Unfortunately, no one has stepped up to act as a coordinator for this
track yet.  There will still be arts and media presentations at debconf,
but they'll be evaluated as independent proposals (not in a track) if no
one volunteers to act as track coordinator for the Media and Art track soon.

Please let debconf-t...@lists.debian.org know if you want to volunteer
(or you can contact ta...@debconf.org privately if you have questions or
concerns that you don't want to be public).

I'd love to see a concerted focus on debian in art and media at DebConf
10, personally, and i hope that someone will step up!



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