On Sun, May 02, 2010 at 03:34:23PM +0300, David Baron wrote:

> I need to "connect" vlc###->system in the qjackctl connection pane to hear 
> music. At each track playing an audio-CD, for example, it disconnects and I 
> need to reconnect to hear music. Not a desirable behavior!

Shouldn't it be sufficient to go to the preference menu, select "Show
all settings", then choose Audio/Output modules/JACK and say "connect to
clients matching" with or without "automatically connect to writable

Haven't tried it, but if you enter something like "system:play*", it
might do the trick.

BTW: Unless you really need to separate the vlc outputs from all other
system outputs, I recommend using the pulseaudio audio plugin instead
and then use pulseaudio-module-jack to bridge to jackd. This way, your
connections are always on, no need to mess with qjackctl at all. ;)


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