>     Imported Upstream version 0.1.7

As you'll see from the other commits, it brings a SONAME change. to make
things even more interresting the name of the source package and the
name of the -dev package have changed. (Both to remove the soname from
it). So it will need to go through NEW.

Both vlc and dvblast build-depends on: libdvbpsi5-dev | libdvbpsi-dev
already. That's the only packages depending on libdvbpsi on Debian.
Could someone check on Ubuntu ? 

So we can safely upload to sid. But until we revert the order pbuilder
won't pick the new libdvbpsi if it has the choice of the old and new.

I'm trying to confirm with upstream but there is no major new features
or bugfixes. It's more a collection of small stuffs over the last 2
years. So there is no rush.

So I propose to upload to sid rather than experimental and invert the
order (libdvbpsi-dev | libdvbpsi5-dev) at the next upload of dvblast and
vlc. For vlc it will be vlc 1.1.0(-rc) hopefully in a fortnight.

Opinions ?


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