On Sat, May 01, 2010 at 09:29:08PM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

>> If you haven't started yet, I could invest one or two hours updating to 
>> latest svn. This fixes almost all issues. I can also do the upload  
>> (DM), just let me know.
> Please do!

Done. This was harder than expected. First, it took me some time to
understand quilt. I must admit it has some nice features, especially
quilt fold was useful. (if somebody could tell me how to get rid of all
these modified files after git-buildpackage...)

Well, then, the atomic patch was wrong. I have a sparc64 machine and was
able to correct it before uploading.

Then, there was a second error breaking atomic operations on powerpc.
Good that I also have a powerpc machine (PlayStation3 and IBM QS21
CellBlade) to fix this. ;)

Finally, the code calls get_cycles() which is more or less hand-written
assembler on the well-known targets. And it's missing everywhere else,
so I hacked a dummy function.

After four hours, I now have a working x86, powerpc and sparc version.
Hope the other exotic platforms (kfreebsd, mips, arm, s390) can
successfully use my fallbacks.

In addition, the session revealed a bug in FFADO on powerpc.


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