The number of repositories in the git area has been growing. So I
created a script to easily keep them uptodate, so that random checks
on different packages become easier.

Preconditions for running the script:
1. You do NOT have any unpushed work in the master, upstream or
pristine-tar branches of any repository.
2. You actually want to have all pkg-multimedia repositories updated
(and created if non existent)

./update-pkg-multimedia <from>

The script will then proceed to update all the repositories, and
create the ones you don't have in the current directory. The from
argument is for when you forget precondition 1 and one update fails,
you can pass one repository name (without the .git) and the script
will skip all repositories prior to $from. So you can either fix the
problem and pass the faulty package name, or pass the next-in-line
package name.

Ideas on how to make it faster are welcome (somehow finding out at
once all the up to date repositories would be good). The script is
specially slow in the best-case scenario (when all repositories are up
to date). Also, it currently does not abort when a pull was not a fast
forward, since gbp-pull does not return non-zero on that event. A bug
has been filed against git-buildpackage.
Finally, if some package has been removed from the pkg-multimedia
area, it will not be removed from the local computer.


Felipe Sateler

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