On Mon, May 03, 2010 at 00:55:43 (CEST), Felipe Sateler wrote:

> Ideas on how to make it faster are welcome (somehow finding out at
> once all the up to date repositories would be good). The script is
> specially slow in the best-case scenario (when all repositories are up
> to date). Also, it currently does not abort when a pull was not a fast
> forward, since gbp-pull does not return non-zero on that event. A bug
> has been filed against git-buildpackage.
> Finally, if some package has been removed from the pkg-multimedia
> area, it will not be removed from the local computer.

What I wonder is what's the correct workflow. Your script clones ever
pkg-multimedia git repository. Do you have numbers how much disk space
this takes? How much data needs to be transferred, and how long does git
need for that?

Just a brainfart, but perhaps this functionality can be implemented
better in gbp-clone by adding a concept of group-cloneing?

BTW, the list of repos can be probably generated by a cronjob, that way
also non-team members can test and use your script.

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