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> Hi Adrian--


> > I'm not sure what "track coordinator" means, but I think I could help a
> > bit. If it's about being session chair, planning talks or stuff like
> > this, I'd be in.
> thanks!  we'd love to have you working on this if you're up for it.

I'm in. Just created the talk in the DebConf10 wiki.

> Basically, we'd need you to solicit Arts/Media-related proposals from
> people who are doing interesting work, maybe pull together people on a
> panel/debate/discussion or two, and figure out ordering and a coherent

Ok, so the ordinary conference stuff. I'm somewhat used to this.

> Additionally, during debconf, we hope that the track coordinator will
> stay on top of the logistics of the track, introduce presenters, keep
> things moving and well-paced, and report back to the larger group at the
> end of the conference.

Will do. ;)


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