On Tue, 11 May 2010, Reinhard Tartler wrote:

mplayer's configure script autodetects installed libraries and enables
respective support. Upstream has asked me to drastically reduce the
configure line, as they have noticed other users using the debian
configuration to build their own copies of mplayer, without really
knowing what they are doing. I see no reason to not follow that

Ah, I understand better now, thanks.

So, can you perhaps explain me if this bug is a pure cosmetic issue, or
are there technical problems arising from this fact? (besides of course
the unnecessary dependency and the few kb additional space taken on /)

I used to have trouble some time ago with a bad application that auto-detected libarts and then used it, but most trouble only happens when you install artsd, and mplayer doesn't do that, so I agree that the only bad effect currently should be the clutter (if I notice anything else I will come back here).

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