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> > So, Adrian says Jack2 + PulseAudio is the philosopher's stone. Well,
> > maybe not. However, I'm having issues.
> > Jack2 is supposed to negotiate the soundcard with pulseaudio. However,
> > I need to manually deactivate pulseaudio card output to start jack.
> I tried it on my laptop yesterday. qjackctl wasn't able to start jackd
> one or two times, but then, out of a sudden, it worked. Terminating
> jackd also worked, mplayer was playing all the time to pulseaudio.
> Looks like a race condition or some kind of first-time hiccup. Now I

I've been discussing this problem with nedko.

Does "jack_control exit" solves the problem? It did for me, however, we
now have a ticket for this:


(check your qjackctl message window for the Input/output error message)

In addition, the current DBUS code in svn trunk is wrong, Lennart
(author of Pulseaudio) has confirmed it, so upstream surely needs to fix
it, probably like this:


There's also another changeset that adds more debugging output to find
out why a dbus reservation is failing:


I'll add both patches to the Debian package.

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