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> Hi,


> package unusable to me. This is caused by an upstream bug which has
> been there for a long time (well, offcially I only reported it 3 days
> ago...).  Jack2 crashes with my 2 M-Audio Delta1010LTs but works
> flawlessly with jack1.

Have you already tried with the 1.9.5-13 package? Your upstream ticket
is talking about 1.9.4.

How about running jackd on top of your first card and add the second
card via alsa_in and alsa_out? Might not be as elegant as the combined
devices, but should work or at least produce more insight.

Do you need to run with -p128? Are things more stable with higher

Basically, you're seeing xruns, the floating point exception might just
be a consequence, though your backtrace doesn't contain any sign of it.

We surely need to get a complete backtrace.

I assume you have RT prios enabled?


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