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On Sat, May 15, 2010 at 01:37:47AM +0200, Jakub Wilk wrote: reverted some changes that were made in 0.5.4-3. The attached patch makes sure that ALSA won't be used on non-Linux architectures.

Thanks for your work on this bugreport, Jakub.

I have applied your patch, with the following changes:

a) Tightened package relation in control.in (not control)
c) Used pre-resolved CDBS variable (not dpkg-architecture)
d) Used $(if ) construct (not ifneq() )

Regarding a): this is a CDBS peculiarity. You need only care about this if interested in working most optimally with CDBS-style packages: it is not a big hassle for others (i.e. me) to later syncronize those files - and until then nothing breaks (the .in file is used by us CDBS fans to ease tracking some build-dependencies).

Regarding b): Please remember this one, also for other packages, as it is important for cross-building: If building like you proposed, on a Linux system but targeted a *BSD system, then ALSA would wrongly be included because the _build_ environment was checked, not the target _host_ environment. (hope I got it right, and not flipped the terms around...)

c) and d) are mostly cosmetic: c) has a tiny speedup, and d) makes no difference for this particular use but I generally avoid ifeq constructs due to them being resolved early which in some cases cause weird behavior with CDBS.


- Jonas

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