reopen 581748
retitle 581748 libavcodec52: contains files that are not versioned
according to SOVERSION
severity 581748 serious

From: Reinhard Tartler <>
> On Sat, May 15, 2010 at 15:40:42 (CEST), Andreas Beckmann wrote:
>> Package: libavcodec52
>> Version: 4:0.5.1-3
>> Severity: wishlist
> closing as invalid.
> If you disagree, I'm also happy to leave it open as wishlist/wontfix.

This is a valid bug, but for other reasons.

>> please move the content of /usr/share/ffmpeg/ to the ffmpeg package.
>> After I reported a file conflict when switching from the official ffmpeg
>> packages to the packages from,
>> Christian Marillat wrote:
>> ...
>>> The ffpreset files are only used by ffmpeg so these files should go
>>> in the ffmpeg packages.
> this is wrong.
> the ffpreset files are only used by libavcodec, and up to today, only by
> the libx264 wrapper to define the various h264 presets.
> In fact, the presets used to be in the ffmpeg package. In accordance
> with the libx264 and x264 upstream developer Jason Garrett-Glaser, I
> have moved it to the libavcodec package. The background for is that the
> presets absolutely need to be in sync with the libx264 wrapper. Having
> them in the libavcodec package is the most practical way to ensure this.

The files /usr/share/ffmpeg/* in the libavcodec52 package are not
versioned with the avcodec SOVERSION, thus violating policy 8.2. This
would prevent installing libavcodec52 simultaneously with a future


Felipe Sateler

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