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> On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 10:08:53PM +0200, Stijn Declercq wrote:
> > Since I upgraded to qjackctl 0.3.6 I'm having lots of
> > screencorruption problems with qjackctl.
> I wonder why you only experience this corruption in qjackctl. I don't
> think it's generally broken (i.e., it's fine on all machines I use).
> There are also no source changes that might cause such a corruption.
> I think the problem must be more general, either Qt or even in your X
> server (we had similar issues with early radeon drivers, XAA vs. EXA
> was the key question back then)
> Do you have other (Qt) apps that show this behaviour?

I saw yesterday on qt buglist that in the past there was
screen corruption with some applications caused by xorg drivers.
But since I only experience it with qjackctl I don't think that the
driver is causing the problem. I haven't  noticed also such behaviour
with Kaffeine and Kdenlive. But I must admit it's a little bit odd
that I only experience such a problem (and I don't think that I'm the
only one that use radeon drivers :-)).

> > If a want to connect an audio input to ardour I can't see what I
> > have selected. Refresh doesn't clean the window. Moving up & down
> > with mousewheel messes it up.
> At least for ardour, you can connect everything in the ardour mixer.
> (alt+m), so this might save you some trouble. (right-click on the
> channel input/output, choose edit and then add your residered
> connection from the tabs on the right)

I'll do it like this for now. For midi I'll be struggle a bit but I'll
have to do with it. I'll keep on searching what should cause
this corruption. 

Thank you for your time.

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