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To suss out possible problems before making the change for real, it would be nice if most packages depending on tcl-dev were built against version 8.5 in experimental. As discussed on debian-release[1], this requires sourceful uploads to introduce versioned build-deps on tcl-dev, tcl, etc, since experimental buildds are a little fussy about where they get their build-deps from[2].

Rebuilding csound locally, I did not run into any problems.  tclcsound
builds fine against version 8.5, has the correct dependencies, and
examples run okay.  I did not test if sound works but it noticed my
sound card.  To all appearances, everything is fine --- nice job. :)

I am a bit confused here:

On one hand you tell us that the change is needed due to the switch requiring sourceful uploads, and on the other hand you confirm that our attempts at hardcoding versioned paths have succeeded and in fact your patch do *not* change anything but build-dependencies.

It seems to me that even if in the general case a sourceful upload is needed, csound actually only needs a binNMU once Tcl defaults have changed?

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