Felipe Sateler wrote:

> Hmm, I'm confused. Why would the experimental buildd use the
> experimental version if there is a suitable version in unstable?

Agh, let me start over.

The default Tcl/Tk version in unstable (as set by tcltk-defaults)
is 8.4, whereas the version in experimental is 8.5.  Before updating
the version in unstable, we would like to see what fallout that would
have, by rebuilding all relevant packages against the version in

Now as you noted, experimental buildds use packages from sid by
default, so this requires sourceful uploads to change build-deps
to explicitly request the version from experimental:

  Build-Depends: tcl-dev (>= 8.5), tk-dev (>= 8.5)

Since tk-dev 8.5 depends on tk (= 8.5.0-1), this should pull in the tcl
and tk packages from experimental, too.  Previous versions of sbuild
did not cope with that, so in my original message I suggested

  Build-Depends: tcl-dev (>= 8.5), tk-dev (>= 8.5), tcl (>= 8.5), tk (>= 8.5)

even though that has been unnecessary for the last couple of months
or so.

So a simple binNMU would insufficient and the patch I sent would be
more than sufficient.

Sorry for the ramble.  Hopefully this is clearer.

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