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Use git-buildpackage --git-compression=bzip

Or better: add a hint about compression type to debian/gbp.conf. See the source of e.g. morituri for an example.

debian/gpg.conf make the trick nicely

git-buildpackage -S now generate orig.tar.bz2
But when I building package in pbuilder I will not get 
zita-convolver_orig.tar.bz2 but zita-convolver_2.0.0-3.tar.gz
I checked morituri probably this line in debian/rules does this for you:

Is there some way to do that with debhelper?

Do exactly the same!

CDBS and short-form dh7[1] are two approaches to automating *general* parts of the build and packaging routines, and providing hooks for expressing exceptions and custom additions to those general parts.

debian/bpg.conf is not tied to either debhelper or CDBS, but (as the name hints) to git-buildpackage. You can add that configuration file no matter which of the automation tools you use, or even if you (painfully) choose to use none of them but express all build and packaging routines explicitly.

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 - Jonas

[1] debhelper in general does *not* conflict with CDBS, but is actually in most if not all cases used together with CDBS. Only when using the "short form" which was introduced in version 7 do debhelper take over the build routines as well, not only the final packaging routines.

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