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> When mute buttons for any particular track are picked the track does not  
> mute, rather than the expected action of muting the track.

Confirmed. This is a rather nasty thing, because it's hidden for all
long-term ardour users (like me) and only exposed to first-time users.

> This has been also been reported in Ubuntu and a patch is being worked on 
> which will be pushed back "upstream" to Debian (probably via quadrispro 
> of the Debian Multimedia team):  
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+bug/581786

I guess this patch will also be pushed to real upstream. If need be, I
could take care of this.

If you want me to (co-)work on the patch, just ping me, I have some
spare cycles until midnight. (CEST) ;)


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