>>Od: Jonas Smedegaard <jo...@jones.dk>
>>Use git-buildpackage --git-compression=bzip
>>Or better: add a hint about compression type to debian/gbp.conf. >>See the source of e.g. morituri for an example.
>debian/gpg.conf make the trick nicely
>git-buildpackage -S now generate orig.tar.bz2
>But when I building package in pbuilder I will not get
zita-convolver_orig.tar.bz2 but zita-convolver_2.0.0-3.tar.gz
>I checked morituri probably this line in debian/rules does this for you:
>Is there some way to do that with debhelper?

Do exactly the same!

Hi Jonas,

switching to source/format 3.0 solved my problem.
Now my orig.tar.bz2 is included in .dsc , .changes files and is generated by 

Is using source/format 3.0 fine for team packaging policy?

Thanks for help


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